Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Tyrant of Badab pt.2 We are Legion

The story of story of the Badad War lends itself well to creating a legion based chapter, something  I had in mind for quite sometime. I've dithered about a 30/40k hybrid but settled on a pure Emp's Children to be tackled later. As I want an army to be Roman-Macedonian-Greek inspired yet retain the uniqueness that Ultra Smurfs lack, the toss up was between Red Scorpions and Astral Claws. The obvious solution is todo both!

I am Beginning with the Astral Claws given as I explained previously the sheer amount of random SM bits I have and the fact I want an army ready in pretty quick time. I will be building the army straight from IA 9 with 6th updates thrown in (like AA/Flyers etc). The interesting bit is my Guard 'Auxilia'. I had fancied doing a Steel Legion / Death Korp mashup but the cost and aesthetic put me off so I abandoned that project but not before buying a ton of Victoria mini stuff and pig iron heads. I had thought previously of just sticking them together to use eventually as mass conscripts for my Helghast but this gave them little purpose and I didn't particular relish the idea of painting 100+ models just for occasional used fodder. Now they are to be re-purposed as the Legion Auxilia with my basic fluff being that these are the proto Helghast who commit there forgeworld to the Tyrants cause. Thus the Helghan Mk.1's as I call them will follow a mix match make up to give the impression of a people pressed into service using whatever was to hand. In gamey terms they'll play the part of conscripts for my proper Helghan army, be large enough to be played as DkoK should I choose it and look a little like cultists for my future Red Corsairs.

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