Thursday, 26 December 2013

2014 Projects Pt. 1

A good mate of mine asked me to explain all my planned / current projects not to long ago. As I detailed the various projects his brain quickly melted and was he left a jibbering wreck. I suddenly relieased that in my mad, dyslexic process I had only completed one batch of models during the whole of 2013 yet I must have painted and repainted my Astral Claws to death and planned half a dozen other armies. This evidently is quite an unproductive method! He popped round to use my airbrush and was visually assaulted by the sheer chaos that I call my office, again he was reduced to gibbering madness!

So with time to reflect and evaluate during this festive period and the pressing need get something done in 2014 I've decided to whittle my projects down from 14 to 8 and if I'm being truthful this will probably drop further. I've also resolved to buy as few models as possible (A small hurrah from my finance and raised sarcastic eyebrow to suit), the exception being the rumoured new IG/Steel legion kits and probably a handful of forgeworld bits but nothing major.

What have I learnt this year? Preparation is everything, airbrushes are not magic and that practice, practice and a god dam load of booze is the best way to paint, well maybe not but practice is something I need to stick at. The important of a clean and concise workspace is paramount especially if your like me who has bits and half done models everywhere. This coming year I'll be utilizing a laser cut mdf workstation to focus on one thing at a time, Project wise this means I'll be restricting myself to know more then two at any given time.

I'll be outlining my 2014 projects in the next post but it's safe to say this year has been a write off!

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