Friday, 27 December 2013

2014 Projects Pt. 2

The Astral claws are dead, having painted and repainted I've got so sick that I've given up on them. They are now boxed away, bits salvaged, awaiting to be stripped and re-painted in a quick & dirty Black Templars scheme for my friend. This is one of my planned projects for 2014 and will be an exercise in speed painting.

I love / hate power armour. Love the lore of Space Marines, hate the monotonous painting of them. But you can't claim to be a self respecting 40ker without them! I've always liked the colour scheme of the Red Scorpions, simple but effective and given that Forgeworld have lots of tasty bits for the chapter I couldn't resist. I've started collecting bits and will be trying my hand at casting to for this project. This is something I won't be embarking on until I'm happy with my airbrushing skills. In the mean time I'm building a very small World Eaters 30k army. This will be to practice painting mk IV armour and to use up my spare Space Marine bits that are not going to be used for either the Black Templars or Red Scorpions. They will also serve as my Chaos SM's/Astral Claws standins in my small Chaos/Tyrant army.

Dark Vengance, I picked up the Chaos elements of the DV box on the cheap from eBay, mainly for the parts, but after a game of Killteam I thoroughly enjoyed playing as them. I'll be painting the Chosen, hell brute plus a Blackheart model in Red Corsairs colours. Any cultists I don't convert I'll also being painting.

Cadain Redux / Inquisition - I've got tons of spare guard parts that simply won't fit the asthetic of my Helghast armies, I also wanted to create an army based off the Helghast sworn enemies, the ISA. I'll be incorporating elements from HALO, TitanFall, Aliens, Metal Gear, anime and modern miliraties. The idea is to create a charachterful, modern clean looking forces that display a sort of Vietnam swagger. This is a small 1500 pt force to act mainly as my 'standard' list (No Imperial Armour stuff here!) but also to be the main contingent in my Inqusition force. Speaking of which the Inq force is a warband and some Grey Knight termies as Allies.

Finally there is my Late British infantry company and German Panzer grenadiers for Flames of War. These are my projects for the first halve of 2014 In between these projects I'll be fine tunning my casting / airbrushing / painting to gear up towards the bigger projects I have planned! This consists of preparing for my Red Scorps and Renegade / Tyrant Legion force.


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