Friday, 31 May 2013

And so it begins!

Over the past few days I've been cleaning and priming, all in all 40 models ready to go! The plan is to paint through sub-assembly. I've learnt the hard way when trying to paint a completed with or without an airbrush so I am not to eager to paint 40+ models in the traditional manner. The exception to the rule are the 20 oddschool space marines I inherited from my mate. There one piece models and my attempts to convert them where pretty fruitless.

20 of these shoulder pads where not fun
The plan is straight forward for these chaps, simply base coat them with Army Painter chainmail, this is followed by a heavy black wash (still debating which wash to use) then dry brush the original shade of silver back in key areas. This will be followed by a thinned brown wash for weathering and warmth. Before I wash with the black I'll block in the coloured areas (pads, chest etc) then reapply the colour where need be. I'll probably use a heavily thinned blue wash on the pads. I'll add some highlights and my weathering. At the moment I am toying with using Army Painter Dark Tone dip I got a couple of years ago, though I will need to thin it down.

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