Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Tyrant of Badab Pt.1

So once again I am deviating from my Helghast Army, predominately as I await the release of new parts from a variety of bit makers. With this unforeseen delay I've had time to reflect and think before I commit to any of my projects. 
My problem has always been I start a project full throttle and they immediately lose interest or become so bogged down in the details that I lose all will power to continue. This has resulted in my Imperial Guard being built, painted, stripped, re-painted, stripped and disassembled. Like wise my first foray into the hobby was via the Ultra Smurfs who subsequently became Black Templars then Dark Angels. I then passed this lot onto my younger brother who proceeded to paint everything in thick humbrol oil paints with as much ask skill as a 9 year old would. There they sat for several years before being stripped once again. I also inherited my friends old SM army, old being the key word as the majority of the figures where 2nd and 3rd edition and in a bad way. I had also impulsively bought a ebay job lot of space wolves and various other marines and on top of that I have a mountain of bits from all sorts of places. 
So dozens of marines, several rhinos, two Land Raiders and what amounts to a huge mess of Space Marines with no aim in mind. Until now. Enter the Tyrant of Badab

I've always been intrigued by the story of Lufgt Huron and the Astral Claws, though poorly written in my opinion they do present a interested canvas to model a chapter on. The idea of a chapter gone rogue through the non cliche-cheese of Chaoictic intervention appeals to me, to often Space Marines are depicted as god like entities who rarely display anything other then two emotions, anger and passiveness. Here is a chapter who in attempt to achieve the greater good they break the rules in the face of the infective bureaucracy of the Imperium eventually sub-coming to hubris and pride in a conflict they didn't want. This is the hook for me as it shows a human element to the almighty Space Marines! The nature of the war and the legion-chapter makeup gives me an excuse to utilise my mish mash of marines and bits to create a truly unique army. So hear goes, I am committing to a Badab War project!

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