Friday, 31 May 2013

First Cohort

In my previous post I talked about the method I am using to paint my old school Space Marines quickly as possible. Not to much care is afforded to them as they are basically for numbers. The idea is to make them 'game' ready and that is all.
With my 'proper' marines the process is different. First I use a white primer sprayed directly on top to give very basic zenithal lighting. I then prime the model in the chain mail. My preference would be to use a Vallejo air brush primer and use a grey for the darker areas, white for the light but I have loads of this chain mail primer left and this is more an exercise in making do with my existing materials. 

First Cohort primed and ready to paint
Once primed I use VMA Gun mixed with VMA Black (3:1) spray directly from the bottom for shadows.
 I spray Vallejo Model Air Silver from a 45 degree angle followed by a VMA Silver and VMA White (2:1) mixed directly from the top.
This is followed by a heavy black / blue wash (2:2:1 mix using Badab Black / Asurman Blue / Water) to give the metal a cobalt look, I am not being particular careful in the application though I do try to avoid pooling.
With all my airbrush paints I use Vallejo thinner at about 5:1 though this isn't a precise science and I am still very much learning.


Shadows Added

Light Added

Heavy Wash
In the next post I will be bringing back some shine to the armor! If you have any advice, tips please let me know!

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