Wednesday, 1 January 2014

In the beginning....

Introducing the 95th Emperors Own, yeah an unoriginal name but my brother is a huuuge Sharpe fan and this army is predominately for him. The 95th or as I call them Cadians 2.0 is my first project of 2014. In a nutshell it's making something of the piles of guardsmen I first bought when getting into the hobby. And by piles I mean Apoc sized piles. The regiment is inspired by numerous sources but the general inspiration is paratroopers / Vietnam aircav, this means lots of personality and lots of gear to represent there light/modern infantry elements.

The general layout (and I guess the fluff) is the 95th are a newly created regiment from a rich trade world to fight against the newly rising Helghan threat and against marauding Xenos. They are attached to the 401st Armoured who will sport a decent amount tanks, there is also a small Naval detachment which will feature a couple of flyers and Valkyries. In real terms this means lots of infantry, a couple chimeras and half a dozen tanks. Being newly raised I can create the 95ths fluff through there battlefield deeds.

The plan for Janaury is cleaning and building two troop choices or 4 squads plus there command elements, additionally I'll build 3x missile heavy weapons teams to act as the HW selection should I need it. I'll be setting a goal of at least painting a squad fully and prime/pre-shade and base coating the rest.


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