Sunday, 9 June 2013

Living with a bad decision

A few year's ago I got the Flames of War bug, bought a Panzer Grenadier and a Late British infantry company. As usual I rushed ahead and stuck as many units down on bases (unpainted of course) and played a few games and put them away where they've sat untouched since. It's always bugged me I've never played more games as I find FoW to be very fun and I love history, thus I've resolved myself to complete both armies as a side project. It's also an excuse to let me paint in the house (my mancave is outside in the garage) since the models require few paints and take up little room. Initially this side project kicked off well, I'd primed the models years ago so I just sprayed a little white to create a simple zenith lighting. Zee Germans where blue tacked on to there bases so removing them and pinning them to old bits of plastic sprues was easy (and time consuming). Good so far. I then opened the box of of Brits, oh bugger. 100+ models super glued to the bases, most are cramped / need clean up and attempts to remove them resulted in a few broken models. A bad decision then, one I will have to live with.

My thoughts are to apply zenith lighting anyways, use Badger Ghost Tint Brown to give shading, then dry brush with a lighter brown/khaki mix higher then the British uniform. Add flesh and details before washing with a diluted Army Painter medium tone dip. Still it'll be a major headache. Lesson learnt - plan, plan and plan some more!

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